BodySculpture & Patient #Safety

BodySculpture & Patient #Safety

BodySculpture & Patient #Safety
Do the research, know the risks and trust a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.
ASPS member surgeons have the training and experience that instill confidence.
Make sure your plastic surgeon

is board-certified and has finished his training,
has moral principles and follows the code of medical ethics
and stays updated on the latest developments in plastic surgery in the spirit of lifelong learning,
before you make your choice.
Every surgical procedure entails a degree of risk. However, this risk is minimized by choosing the right and properly trained plastic surgeon.
Plastic Surgery procedures, whether aesthetic or reconstructive, need to be customized depending on the problem.
Providing you with the right information is an important step in ensuring your safety, as well as a successful postoperative outcome.
@DrVarnalidis #plasticsurgery

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