Breast lift (mastopexy)

Breast lift (mastopexy)


Sagging breasts are a major cause for concern for many women, especially after childbirth, breastfeeding, menopause or massive weight loss. Breasts lose their firmness over time and can no longer support their volume resulting in the appearance of sagging breasts. This is a very common aesthetic problem that can be addressed through a breast lift or a breast augmentation using implants.

A breast lift (mastopexy) improves the shape of the breasts with or without the use of implants, offering the desired firmness and an ideal youthful appearance.

The use of implants is recommended, when the upper pole of the breasts that usually loses its fullness after childbirth and breastfeeding needs to be filled or when the size of the breasts needs to be increased.

The use of implants is recommended in certain cases in order to achieve the best aesthetic outcome, mostly by increasing the volume of the upper pole of the breasts.

Mastopexy aims at reversing the effects of the natural sagging of the breasts. This goal is achieved by repositioning the breast volume and bringing the papilla-areola complex back to its original position, hence offering a youthful appearance. The main goal of this procedure is to achieve breast volume symmetry and make the papilla-areola complex of the one breast symmetrical to the complex of the other.

This procedure is also part of the Mommy Makeover procedures.

Brief description of the procedure

The procedure requires general anesthesia. During the operation, part of the excess breast skin is removed, while breast volume is repositioned but not reduced. The areola enlargement that is caused by the sagging is corrected by removing the excess skin through a peripapillary incision. Then, the papilla-areola complex is lifted at a higher position. Implants can also be used, depending on the case and the patient’s choice. If the use of implants is deemed necessary, they are inserted in the breasts during the same operation.

In cases when the degree of sagging is too high, the breast lift is combined with the dual plane subpectoral augmentation technique. After the implant insertion, the incisions are closed in such a way so that the best aesthetic outcome is achieved.

Dr. Varnalidis uses specialized techniques, which require the smallest incisions, in order to achieve the best aesthetic outcome.

Safeguarding your health is my number one priority.

Dr. Varnalidis always discusses and explains each procedure step by step. He also offers extensive post-surgery advice and is here to answer any question you might have, so that a smooth recovery and the best functional and aesthetic outcome are achieved.

ανορθωση στηθους


General anesthesia or sedation

General duration of the procedure

2–4 hours

Stay at the clinic

Usually one day

Necessary period before returning to everyday activities

  • 7–10 days to go back to work
  • 4-5 weeks to go to the gym

Final result

8-12 months after the procedure

ανορθωση στηθουςανόρθωση στήθουςμειωτικη στηθουςανόρθωση μείωση στήθους ανόρθωση-στήθους-breast-liftμειωτικη-στήθουςμειωτικη-στηθους

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