The nose is the central facial feature of every human being. Its shape affects the entire facial appearance. Hence, correcting the shape of the nose contributes to a more natural and balanced appearance. Rhinoplasty is also necessary, if the patient has difficulty breathing, due to a deviated septum, old fractures or nasal turbinate hypertrophy, since the nose is the olfactory and breathing organ. In these cases, the surgical procedure is called functional rhinoplasty.

The most common cases of rhinoplasty include nose reduction, nasal hump excision, nasal tip correction and septoplasty. A deviated septum might not always cause an aesthetic problem. In most cases, the deviation of the nasal septum becomes evident by nasal breathing problems. It should be noted that the shape of the nose is relative to the rest of one’s facial features and should not be examined individually. Rhinoplasty is usually combined with a chin augmentation surgery (genioplasty). The combination of these two procedures is called profiloplasty.

Brief description of the procedure

This procedure requires general anesthesia. Open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty are the two main surgical procedures that are used, depending on the case. The procedure aims at achieving a natural nasal appearance that is in balance with the rest of one’s facial features and correcting any nasal breathing problems. Dr. Varnalidis uses one of these two procedures each time, depending on the functional and aesthetic particularities of each case, in order to achieve a balanced facial appearance and functional breathing. Rhinoplasty is also combined with chin augmentation surgery (genioplasty) in certain cases in order to improve one’s general facial appearance.

Safeguarding your health is my number one priority.

Dr. Varnalidis always discusses and explains each procedure step by step. He also offers extensive post-surgery advice and is here to answer any question you might have, so that a smooth recovery and the best functional and aesthetic outcome are achieved.



General anesthesia

Duration of the procedure

2–4 hours

Stay at the clinic

Usually one day

Necessary period before returning to everyday activities

  • 7–10 days to go back to work
  • 3–5 weeks to go to the gym

Final result

8–12 months after the procedure

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