Open wounds of the face and torso

Open wounds of the face and torso

Open wounds are external soft tissue injuries that break the skin. They are mostly caused by work or traffic accidents and dog bites and they usually occur on the face and torso.

Face wounds are injuries of extreme aesthetic and functional significance, due to their anatomical position and the fact that the underlying tissue might have also been affected. A thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the area and the ability to perform complex procedures are necessary in order to achieve the best possible reconstructive result. When the face wound is treated immediately, it requires less time to heal and leaves a smaller scar. However, it is not always possible to treat a wound immediately. In that case, reconstructive surgery is performed at a later time. Facial fractures include zygomatic complex fractures, nasal fractures, orbital fractures, maxillary fractures, mandibular fractures, frontal bone fractures and fractures of multiple facial bones at once. Facial fractures are treated using maxillofacial surgery, but the way they are treated varies, depending on the type of fracture and the area where it occurred.

The normal course of the healing process is the most important factor in achieving a successful aesthetic outcome after the surgery. Dr. Varnalidis specializes in the latest reconstructive techniques for open wounds of the face and torso and uses minimal scar techniques in order to achieve the optimal aesthetic and functional outcome.

Safeguarding your health is my number one priority.

Dr. Varnalidis always discusses and explains each procedure step by step. He also offers extensive post-surgery advice and is here to answer any question you might have, so that a smooth recovery and the best functional and aesthetic outcome are achieved.

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